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alertplugins test no no no 1.1


This will send a test alert to the current user. An individual plugin can be specified or the test can be sent through all configured plugins for the current user.

Input Arguments

  • Required Inputs:
    • None ({})
  • Optional Inputs:
    • “plugin” (string) : Name of a single plugin to test. Will use all configured plugins if not specified.
    • “settings” (JSON Object) : Custom settings object to use for the test instead of using the currently-saved configuration for the user.

Request Example Arguments

ARGUMENTS ONLY: See the basics of API requests for additional formatting information.

  "plugin" : "smtp-email"

Reply Example

  "result" : "Text sent"


This API call does not emit any middleware events.

Log Summary

This API call does not generate a detailed log summary item

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