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This will take a designated report object with a time range and system list and return a complete report structure with all data associated with the systems pre-populated and formatted for display in the UI.This will return JSON data structures formatted for use with the “chart.js” javascript library when charts are requested as part of a report.

Input Arguments

  • Required Arguments:
    • “roid” (string) : Report Object ID for the report to generate
    • “tvid” (string or JsonArray of strings) : System(s) for which to generate the report.
    • “time_start” (string)
  • Optional Arguments:
    • “time_end” (string - if not supplied it defaults to the current time)

For information about the time formats, please look at the Input Time Codes section for details.

The user requesting the report must have read permission for the designated report and systems, otherwise a BAD REQUEST error will be returned.

Request Example Arguments

ARGUMENTS ONLY: See the basics of API requests for additional formatting information.

  "roid" : "my_report_1",
  "tvid" : ["system_1", "system_2"],
  "time_start" : "1h"

Reply Example

  "namespace" : "reports",
  "name" : "response",
  "id" : "some_id",
  "args" : {
    "result" : "success",
    "my_report_1" : {
      "roid" : "my_report_1",
      "name" : "My Report",
      "owners" : ["user_1", "user_2"],
      "shared_users" : ["user_3"],
      "shared_teams" : ["team_A"],
      "last_modified_user" : "user_id_1",
      "last_modified_time_t" : 1562075297,
      "widgets" : { 
        "column_count" : 2,
        "items" : [
            "id" : "network_chart_1",
            "internal_type" : "chart:line",
            "custom_settings" : false,
            "name" : "Network Traffic Chart",
            "summary" : "Chart of network traffic",
            "preview_image" : "",
            "data_paths" : null,
            "api" : null,
            "settings" : null,
            "data" : { <chart.js data object> }

Log Summary

This API call does not generate a detailed log summary item


This this API call does not emit any middleware events.

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