Namespace Name Admin Only Log Summary Generates Event Version Added
users list_active yes no no 1


List all currently-active user sessions (Administrator Access Only - others will get a 403/Forbidden error code) The output reply contains all users with active sessions, as well as the number of active sessions for each user

Input Arguments

  • Required:
    • none ({})
  • Optional:
    • none ({})

Request Example Arguments

ARGUMENTS ONLY: See the basics of API requests for additional formatting information.


Reply Example

  "namespace" : "response",
  "name" : "list_active",
  "id" : "some_id",
  "args" : {
      "user1" : 1,
      "user2" : 2

Log Summary

This API call does not generate a detailed log summary item


General users/list_active events will be sent out any time a user logs into or out of the middleware.

Name Who Receives
users/list_active Everyone


"namespace" : "event",
"name" : "users/list_active",
"id" : "",
"args" : {}

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